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2015-2016 Classroom Reveal!

My "theme" this year was bright and colorful chevron! If you see something you like, click on it and you can find it at TPT. Most of my decor can be found in my Bright Chevron Classroom Decor Bundle! 

All ready for Meet your Teacher! I loved these Paper Lanterns I found. They matched my classroom decor perfectly!

{Paper Lanterns- Target Party Section}

I use borders around my white board and washi tape to make a space for the date. I will not use this side of the board as much. I attach my schedule with magnets on the back to switch it out easily.

{Bubble Gum Machine Table Points}
{Daily Schedule in Bright Chevron}
{Attention Grabbers}
{Write your Name Reminder}

A wider view of the front. My school uses the Reading Wonders curriculum, so I created these sound posters that go along with the phonics portion.

{Alphabet Sound and Spelling Cards}
{Hand Signals}
{ABC Carpet from Costco}

Behind my desk organization station. I use daily folders to keep track of that day's plans and put them inside the magazine holders. Everything I need for each day is in that day's holder. It helps me when I have a sub or I am looking for my plans for the next day. I also created a teacher aide box for my teacher aide. The red bin is my "Miscellaneous" bin, usually I put things I need to complete. I use the three drawer container as a To File, To Grade, To Do drawers. (They just don't have a pretty label yet).

{Magazine Holders from IKEA}
{Drawers from Target}

My helpers and centers board. I use library pockets and index cards for each of my class jobs. The pocket chart is how I rotate my center groups. 

{Chevron Library Pockets from JoAnn's}
{Pocket Chart from Target Dollar Spot}

Birthday Board and the Giant Pocket Chart Holder that has no home. I can't find a place to put it, so for now it creates a mini "hallway" in front of my bathroom. In that handy cabinet are my weekly small group readers.

{Birthday Cupcake Set from JoAnn's}

The chalkboard cabinet and filing cabinets that hold all my center files. The apples on the cabinet are hot glued to clothespins that are attached to the cabinet. Perfect space to put anchor charts! It's important to utilize every space in your classroom. The filing cabinets are labeled to what's inside (attached with a magnet). That lovely sign is our 1st Day of School sign! I attached the "1st" part with velcro so that I can switch it out with "100th" and "Last" for more fun pictures! On top of the cabinets are the table supply bins and throw away bins.

{Bright Chevron Table Signs}
{Bins from Target and Dollar Store}

Word Wall and Computer Station area. We add sight words as we learn them. I store bins underneath the table curtain. The table curtain is made from a clearance table cloth from Target. I attached it using velcro. I use this table as another storage area/center station. That laptop is there for Meet your Teacher night for parents to put their information on a Google Doc.

{Bright Chevron Word Wall}

Sink area- We have a bathroom in the classroom (YAY!), but the sink is in the classroom (BOO!). I got those cute signs that say "Be a friend" "Did you wear your smile today?" and "Believe in yourself" I love having inspirational posters up for my students.

{Inspirational Posters}

Calendar Area/Library- I can't wait to count the days of school using ten frames and hundreds, tens, and ones. Calendar time is the first thing we do every morning and it is so important to do it daily. I got those chevron pillows from Big Lots!

{Bright Chevron Calendar Set}
{Days in School- Ten Frames}
{Number Posters}

More of my library area. My students love sitting on the carpet, it's SO soft. {From Target}. I finally got around to making crate seats, and until I get my kidney table in, they will be part of this area. I pick students who come to the carpet quietly to sit on the crate seats!

{Subway Posters}
{Apple sign/Colorful bins from Target}

Backpack hooks/Lunchbox area. I love having backpack hooks this year! No more digging through a backpack bin! We say our classroom expectations every day and reference them a lot, so this was the perfect spot to put them.

{Classroom Expectations}
{Punctuation Posters}

Our Bright Work wall to display student work and projects. On the door bulletin board- there are two giant clothespins to hang up weekly newsletters or anything else!

{Bright Chevron Editable Pennants}

 And that's all! Hope you loved my classroom! 

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